Reunion Committee
Sandy Reeder, Carol Craig, David Foxworth, Danny Blanchard &
Sandy Reeder and Carol Craig
Sandy Guidry, Rusty Crow and Norman Lanier
Roxy modeling her Hawaiian shirt
Sandy Guidry, Rusty Crow & Norman Lanier
Roxy Miller, Dianne Miller and Becky Powell
Roxy Miller
Randy Poulter and Judy Anderson
Randy Lee and Jan Bixler 40 years later
Randy Lee & Jan Bixler graduation night 1968
Randy Anderson showing off his Hawaiian shirt
Randy Anderson modeling his Hawaiian shirt
Norman Lanier, Gary West and Randy Lee
Paula Browning Poulter & Randy
Mrs. Sheppard, Cheryl & Mr. Sheppard
Mike VanZandt and Doug Erwin
Johnny Wachsmuth, Donna & Randy Lee
Janet McKee, Johnny Wachsmuth & Shirley wearing Mrs. Wachsmu
John & Susan Bigelow with Ann Wendle
Jimmy McPherson & Carolyn
Jan Bixler and Amy Smith
John & Susan Bigelow and Ann Wendle
Jeff Haven & Randy Anderson
Helen Ladet and Kathy Binagia
Harry, Danny, Johnny & Randy, the 4 Muskateers
Glenda Roy, Patsy Alexander, Gary Philips, and Jimmy McPhers
Harry Montgomery
Dianne Miller, Janell Fitts & Jan Bixler
Gary Tompkins
Don Larson
Diane Miller Don Larson
Danny, Johnny, Harry and Randy
Danny Blanchard
Bird Bonin, Stephanie Blanchard listening to Doug
Cheryl & Mrs. Sheppard
Ann Wendle, Bill Hollis & Dianne Miller
Bruce Tinch & Amy Smith Tinch
Bruce Tinch

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Johnny Wachsmuth, Donna & Randy Lee